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    South-wide Stumpage Markets

    Timber prices increased in the 3rd Quarter, as steady demand coupled with supply constraints due to some extreme weather events drove prices upward.

    South-wide average stumpage prices increased for all five major products in the 3rd Quarter. In particular, the price of pine sawtimber increased to within $0.10 of its 10-year high, and South-wide pine chip-n-saw price reached its highest level since 4th Quarter 2007.

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    Stumpage Prices & Publications

    South-wide Average Stumpage Prices

    • Available here (last updated Oct 11, 2021)

    State-wide Average Stumpage Prices

    • Available here (last updated Oct 11, 2021)

    Quarterly Report Distributions

    In the News 3Q2021

    Wood products manufacturers continue to announce new or expanded facilities. Mergers and acquisitions activity increased including changes among forest management companies.

    Market Indicators

    - Softwood lumber prices declined more than 50% in the 3rd Quarter after setting record highs in May. However, prices are still up more than 20% compared to pre-COVID levels.

    - Hardwood lumber prices also increased, up 6% Q/Q and 71% Y/Y.

    - Softwood and hardwood pulp prices increased, each up 5% Q/Q.

    - US improvements and remodeling activity YTD-August was the highest on record and housing starts were at its highest level since 2006.

    - US log and lumber exports continued stronger than in 2020. Compared to a year ago, southern yellow pine (SYP) log exports more than doubled while SYP lumber exports were down 5%. Hardwood log and lumber exports were up 18% and 11%, respectively, from the same period a year ago.